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Every event has a purpose. That’s why when we build an event strategy, we start by asking “why.”

Why should you invest in this event? Why is it important? Why do you do it? Why is this event worth the time and resources?

We’ve been asking those questions for years now. After reviewing hundreds of our clients’ answers, we’ve seen some themes.

The big takeaway? People do events when they have big goals.

In fact, we don’t see ourselves as an events company. We are an experience design company that does events everywhere in the world … and we do them really, really well. An extension of your team, we’ll always have your back and bring you the best in design and innovation, based on what the data tells us. Because you are like no other.

The last two years have been challenging for the events industry, however recovery is here. We are here to meet your event needs in this post-pandemic world, from design to execution.

Corporate Event Planning

Your company has big ideas. Your events should show them off

Association Event Planning

What’s the secret to a successful conference, convention, trade show or expo? Three things: excited guests, happy exhibitors and a profitable event. Sounds simple, right? But we know it only takes one lackluster event for members and exhibitors to decide your event isn’t worth their time or money. We’re here to help you avoid the common event planning traps!

Incentive Travel with Bolder Experiences and Better Results

Your incentive travel program matters. It helps your company hit its sales target. It convinces top performers to stay. And all that hinges on one thing: an incentive trip that inspires action. (No pressure, right?!)

Event Management Resources

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers. Our library of event management resources gives you the latest insights, as well as helpful tools, developed by some of the best in the industry.

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Sometimes, you need a partner to help you build your vision. That’s where we come in. We think our Design Studio team is the best in the business. (Yes, we’re biased, but just meet them and we think you’ll agree.)

Design Studio is an agency that brings the strategic perspective of powerhouse consulting to the world of meetings, events and human–to–human experiences.

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