Toldos Portátiles

Creamos experiencias rentables al mejor precio. Compare y GANE dinero en sus eventos

Toldos, Carpas y Espacios temporales para congresos, convenciones, exposiciones, incentivos y eventos.

Nuestro principal objetivo es que nuestros clientes ganen dinero en exposiciones ofreciendo las herramientas necesarias para lograr su objetivo con un presupuesto justo y un diseño funcional. Como en este evento del Instituto de Artesanías de Jalisco por parte de la Secretaria de Promoción Económica en la calle Chapultepec de Guadalajareña donde bajamos el costo de la renta de toldo que siempre es costosa y se invirtió en un mobiliario uniforme para todos los artesanos.

Tambien contamos con impresion de toldos para su marca

Public Relations

Our solution gives clients a competitive advantage, with results starting Month 1 and continuing each month, with your brand appearing as the expert or in full feature stories.

Industrial Summit Forbes tienen como objetivo principal “Impulsar el Desarrollo Industrial en México”. El Fórum desarrolla los temas en tendencia y analiza los retos y oportunidades de la industria; contará con la presencia de las personalidades más reconocidas de los sectores Industrial, Empresarial y de Gobierno.
Our solution gives clients a competitive advantage, with results starting Month 1 and continuing each month, with your brand appearing as the expert or in full feature stories.

Puerto Vallarta – Riviera Nayarit is the most Mexican destination with great growth in meetings tourism with the largest number of national and international conferences. Having a representative at the destination to detect important events, presidents of associations and cameras is a business opportunity at low cost but with a lot of profitability. LOW COST

The connection with Panama brings us South America for big business which we are happy to support and encourage. We can develop the ideal representation plan in Mexico for your destination.

Lic Armando Vivanco CEM

CEO Destinos y Negocios, Eventos, Reps. Comerciales y RRPP México y Sudamérica. Posicionamiento de marcas y destinos. Oriundo de Arandas Jalisco apasionado por el Turismo de Reuniones y comprometido con mi @PuertoVallarta Fundador de @iaeemx Capitulo Mexico como Tesorero

Vallarta has a direct connection to the United Kingdom

Brand Experience Company

vectorstands can plan all your exhibition projects with you face to face in your local country. Then implement them all over the world adhering to the highest quality standards. Riviera Nayarit

Exhibits & Installations. A system of shared beliefs between your company, employees and customers is what propels your organization forward. That’s what Brand Culture is all about. So every solution we provide has your brand values at its core. This holistic approach ensures that every execution we bring to the table, no matter what its specific focus, has the underlying goal of strengthening your brand. Mercedes Benz Eurostern

Where your Brand Culture gets created, refined or retooled. We build strategies that move your brand forward. And we do so by defining your Brand Culture and using it to drive every part of your business.


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Brand strategy and design

Preparing your workforce to be the brand you want to be. Workplace culture is where all your brand values are lived out. So we help you and your employees understand the culture they’re part of and their important roles within it. Your story is only as good as the ways you tell it.

Customer Experience. Here’s where we make sure how your brand is experienced in physical and digital spaces always measures up to your brand values. How you behave is as important as what you say. Puerto Vallarta.

Our job is to bring your audience and your brand together. This is where we craft the stories we tell about your brand and the places we put them to create maximum impact.