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vectorstands are responsible for the overall production of expositions. They may manage public exhibitions, trade shows, or exhibitions sponsored by associations or professional societies. Their work begins with the choice of a site for the show and does not finish until everything has been cleared away.

Advance planning is one of the most important and time-consuming aspects of the job. Trade show managers «package» every aspect of a show before it can be sold. They must decide what type of exhibition will be held and estimate how much it will cost. These factors are vital to the pricing process and the eventual sale of the exhibition space to a buyer.

When a budget has been fixed, the trade show manager selects a location where the exhibition will take place. A number of different factors are taken into account when considering a location. There must be a suitable exhibition facility, overnight accommodations for visitors, and easy access from other areas of the country. Once a location has been chosen, the trade show manager is responsible for negotiating contracts with the city, the facility management, labor unions, and companies that will provide the services required by the exhibitors.

Having made these preparations, the trade show manager must sell the exhibit space that has been reserved. This is done by preparing and sending promotional materials to potential exhibit managers in a given industry. Advertisements are also placed in various trade magazines.

For trade shows, managers also advertise within the industry to attract possible buyers to the exhibition. Consumer exhibitions, however, need more publicity than other trade shows. When organizing consumer shows, trade show managers arrange for advertisements in newspapers and magazines and for radio and television spots.

During trade shows and exhibitions trade show managers talk with exhibitors and deal with any problems that may occur. (© Tom Theobald/ Zuma/Corbis.)

During exhibitions, trade show managers are responsible for making sure that everything runs smoothly. They talk with exhibitors and visitors and deal with any problems that may occur. They also organize additional activities such as meetings and workshops, cocktail parties, and other social functions for exhibitors and buyers.

Not all trade show managers perform all of these functions. In large companies people may specialize in one aspect of trade show management such as advance planning or floor management. Together the specialists work as a team to produce an exposition.

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